Saturday, February 15, 2014

X - Just Another Perfect Day

A song originally intended for the follow-up to "See How We Are", the band went on a five-year hiatus prior to being able to record a proper studio version. Exene ended up recording a slower, more-polished version with late-period X guitarist Tony Gilkyson for her 1990 album, "Running Sacred", but this live version from the epochal "Live at the Whisky-A-Go-Go" is easily one of their most powerful moments (in a career lousy with them). Gilkyson's guitar chugs in the verses, all adrenaline and drive, underscoring the menace of Exene and Doe's harmonic plea, "Won't you please protect me from these ungodly things!" Stepping out of the shadow of their past, "Just Another Perfect Day" shone light on one possible path they ultimately wouldn't take (they'd record only one more studio album - 1993's far-too-grunge-indebted, "Hey Zeus"), but it's a nice souvenir of a band playing at their feral yet masterful best.

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