Thursday, October 9, 2014


Wow.  Who knew that we needed a psych-pop masterpiece in 2014!  Apparently Chris Slusarenko, John Moen and their compadres did, because Eyelids’ debut “854” treads the boards of sunny melancholia better than anything in recent memory.  The combined history of this band (time spent collaboratively in Bob Pollard’s Boston Spaceships and separately in Portland bands as diverse as the Decemberists, Sprinkler and the Dharma Bums) is a bit misleading – there is little “indie rock” here to speak of; rather, the album overflows with glorious psych-indebted pop gems that have far more in common with the late-60’s Byrds, the Left Banke and band of that ilk.  Opener “Seagulls Into Submission” (previously released as their debut 7-inch) is the perfect pop gem, all ringing guitars and harmony, and Slusarenko and Moen’s voices sigh dreamily.  “Into the Sun” has a Mojave 3 with horns vibe, while “Forget About Tomorrow” could be a primo mid-period Teenage Fanclub b-side.   Best of all might be the shades-darker, “Say It’s Alright” which bursts into a spindly Dream Syndicate-esque guitar workout halfway through.  You can tell that the guys have a love for this music (shit, one of the songs is actually titled “Psych #1”!), but the album is more than an exercise in trainspotting – Slusarenko and Moen’s songs are deceptively ambition and look to add to the canon rather than simply celebrate their record collections.  Thrilling stuff here, and a great first foray for this immensely talented band!   

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