Thursday, February 25, 2016

REVIEW: The Queers @ Waiting Room, Buffalo, NY

What a pleasant surprise - I showed up for a Laura Jane Grace concert, and a Queers show broke out!  Someone must have mixed up their days of the week, because whomever booked Waiting Room last Saturday put two punk heavyweights on at the same time in the upstairs and downstairs rooms of the venue (shades of the old Continental days or Cambridge's Middle East).  Either way, a nice little bonus to the evening was getting to catch a blistering set by Portsmouth, New Hampshire's most outspoken sons. If Laura Jane Grace's set was like a polished one-woman show (the ebb and flow of the songs and readings built to maximize tension and euphoric release, a story told with a very defined through-line), the Queers were more like a seasoned stand-up getting up to do a solid five - fast, brash and in control if not 100% sure of where they were going.  Classics like "I Met Her At The Rat" sped by with beautiful abandon and the band seemed to be much more in sync than at other local recent appearances.  Finally, the show answered the question of what a moshpit of forty-something dudes and a couple hardcore ladies looks like: sweaty, bearded, and glorious...

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